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erotic massage in Victoria, BC


I am.. The Enchanted Mystical Massage Goddess Simone,   

I would love to guide you on a relaxing and fulfilling voyage that will take you to the ultimate in massage and relaxation. I will first immerse you in the warmth of hot oil and my hands will stroke you erotically with slow, intimate caresses, covering you gently with my soft and silky hard body, prolonging your pleasure. 

That is only the start of the ultimate pleasures I have in store for you. It's quite possible that, as you fall deeper and deeper into a blissful state of relaxation and heaven, being your Enchantress and Goddess I will stimulate you to an overwhelmingly powerful release, culminating in a total mind-blowing massage, the likes of which you may never have experienced before.  

Rest assured that, by the time you leave the magical harem of Enchantress and Goddess Simone, you will feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and pleasured beyond words!   I offer In-call services, and out-call services to major hotels only. Full Service is Not-Negotiable     
Please enjoy your stay here!   Hugs and Kisses  Simone CEO Mystic Massage


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Massage by Goddess Simone

About Simone

Loving Touch with Healing Intent; Tantric, Erotic, Sensuous Massage in Victoria, British Columbia



Goddess Simone is originally from eastern Canada and has been living for about 20 years on Vancouver Island based in Victoria. I love it here! It truly is a great and beautiful place to live and simply enjoy what life has to offer. I work out on a regular basis just to keep fit and toned for your pleasure and mine, it helps to be in good shape. I also enjoy the finer things in life, good music, good wine, you know the stuff.


I have travelled some of the world, and look forward to seeing more of the exotic places and the orient that are rich in colour and history.


I am trained and am experienced massage therapist knowledgeable in the Kama Sutra, now exploring Tantric practices and philosophy. I very much enjoy my work, in horouring and delighting my clients with titilating touch, riding the edge of ecstasy with them. It is my love and my passion, to make people feel really, really blissed, taking them on a journey of ultimate erotic discovery and bliss through sensitive, intuitive and loving massage. We massage the whole body, including lingham and prostate, to full and soul shaking release.


I look forward to hearing from you soon, Why not Call Today!


Please CONTACT US by phone as we rarely check our email; 250-888-1210, should you require any further information.


Love, Simone, Tantric Massage Goddess

Portrait of Goddess Simone

services offered



30 minutes = $90

45 minutes = $110

60 minutes = $130


Full Service/Non-Negotiable




30 minutes =$120

45 mintues =$150

60 minutes =$160



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